Premium Members get all the benefits of Standard Membership PLUS up to 40% discounts on Nutrition products (foods, treats, supplements and more) in our general store, FREE home visits by our vet team, plus FREE unlimited online vet consults. This translates to additional savings of at least $12/mo over the standard membership. Details of what is included below:

Free Unlimited Wellness Package

Get Ear Cleaning, Dental Rinsing, Anal Gland Expressions and Nail Trimming for free (costs $70 without membership)

Huge Food Store Discounts

Automatic discounts of 20% to 40% on our entire catalogue of over 6,000 pet nutrition products. Best prices guaranteed!

FREE 24/7 Online Vets

Free unlimited access to highly experienced Online Vets via our partners at FirstVet (normally costs $9/mo)

FREE Annual Home Visit

We come to your home at zero cost for your vet, grooming and prevention needs once per year

Food Finder

Use our Food Finder comparison tool to quickly compare 15,000 foods for cost, nutritional quality and value.

Insurance for Healthy Pets

Eligible for accident only insurance policy which is significantly cheaper than traditional policies.

Membership Terms of Service