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Raw natural human grade beef and veggies recipe

Title: 2.4 lb bag with 16 meat balls
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Best quality human grade fresh raw meatballs with veggies. 0% bad ingredients. You can even see the fresh food in preparation.  100% human grade. Meats are sourced from the same supplier as restaurants.  Fruits and veggies come from organic farmers market.

The optimal diet for dogs includes fresh, whole foods made from human-grade ingredients. It should also contain healthy fats, high moisture (around 70%), and the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. A great way to feed this balanced diet is with raw food. Raw meats for dogs is simply fresh, whole foods that are uncooked and minimally processed.

Your dog’s digestive tract is designed by nature to eat raw meat, and they thrive eating a diet based on raw meats, meaty bones, vegetables, and fruits for natural proteins, fats, carbs, and fiber. Raw meats and greens that are fresh and uncooked make up the diet that dogs evolved to eat.

Rigo’s Meal is the best local, artisan, locally sourced, handcrafted raw dog food diet available in Florida. Rigo’s Meal is FDA approved and provides vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins that improve your pet’s health. We’ve seen year after year how this fantastic raw dog food makes doggies healthy and even helps to cure some ailments like skin irritation, kidney stones, and allergies. Rigo’s Meal is also 100% preservative and chemicals free.

Beef, meaty bones, organs, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, mixed leafy greens ( kale, collards), apple. And nothing else!


  • Protein:      15.20%
  • Crude Fat:     5.44%
  • Crude Fiber:    0.6%

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